“We got our dog Dolly 4 years ago. She was born in March and hunted pheasants with me in South Dakota in October of that year and did very well. It is a pleasure to hunt with Dolly . She works close and is a determined retriever. Dolly is the perfect dog for us. She is a very good hunter yet very mellow and easy to have in the house.”

Dick & Nancy

“Kat and Kasper. Best daughter ever, and best dog ever. We got Kasper from Chad Yaeger. I’ve never seen a better lab in my life. Very smart and very easy to train. Kasper is a excellent hunting dog and best buddy.

Kat and Casper

“Meg is doing great! We have already had her to the lake and out for lots of long walks on and off leash.”

Ron W.

“Kirby has been doing great. Been very easy to train with a great temperament. Took him hunting the first time at 5.5 months old and he learned quickly. Bye is almost 10 months old and weighes 48 pounds.”

Scott S.